Dear parishioners,

Welcome to the St. Anthony Parish Family in Nanuet, New York.  St. Anthony is a parish with a great history that goes back many generations.  We have the gift of a tremendously diverse parish population. This is wonderful and a great blessing from God!

Educationally, we have St. Anthony’s School. It is part of the St. Dominic’s Rockland Regional Catholic School System.  Again, we have a wonderful diverse and lively student population!  Our teachers and staff have been with us for many years. Yet, they are quite facile with the current educational technologies.  Our mission remains the same: to form young men and women into people who used their gifts and talents to make our world better.

Our St. Anthony’s PREP (Parish Religious Education Program) is a vibrant religious educational environment which exists due to the most generous sacrifice of so many volunteers.  It incorporates academic knowledge and service opportunities as the program advances through the years.  Again, it is a marvelously diverse group of students and volunteer staff.

There are any number of other groups in the parish which are incorporated into this Parish website.  There are efforts to reinvigorate some groups and begin some new groups so, come and join us as we make the Body of Christ present to our Nanuet community!  We need you and your talents!

The ultimate focus is to bring ourselves and others closer to the Eucharistic Jesus with whom we celebrate around the Lord’s Table, not only on Sundays, but each day of the week.  And, then, to be men, women, children, teens, young adults and families who bring that same Jesus and His Peace, Joy and Mercy to our world!


Prayerfully and Gratefully,

Fr. Jerry Deponai